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‘The only impossible journey is the one you never begin’

Tony Robbins

Vision & Mission


The mission of the Registracion di Companianan di Construccion (RCC) foundation is to create a safe, fair, and responsible environment in the construction sector of Aruba.

We would like to see construction companies work honestly and safely, act responsibly with their employees, comply with laws and regulations, and contribute to the Aruban economy.

By obtaining the RCC certification, Aruban construction companies can show that they comply with the obligations of the Aruban legislation, are financially healthy and take responsibility for the safety of their employees. Additionally, it helps clients make an informed and responsible choice when looking for the right partner for their project's needs.



The board members embrace their roles and ensure that they are fulfilling their duties with wisdom and clarity — and doing their part to advance the Foundation’s mission. 


Meet the board!

Our Goal


The foundation wants to offer affiliated organizations the opportunity to use the label to show that they fulfill the obligations to employees, government and the environment. Via an independent audit a guaranteed statement is reported about the quality and compliance of the affiliate company for the benefit of the customers, and on the other hand the employees, of these affiliated companies promoting a fair, safe and responsible way of building in Aruba. The affiliated companies demonstrate, among other things, that: - They comply with local laws and regulations; - contribute to the Aruban economy; - dealing responsibly with their personnel and related obligations. They demonstrate to the outside world that they take responsibility for a safe and secure environment and fair working conditions in Aruba. The foundation tries to achieve its goal by: offering construction companies the opportunity to participate in a questionnaire and in a independent audit in order to make a statement about the quality of the organization, after which the organization may carry the RCC label. The joint guarantee quality by assessing the affiliated organizations once a year in order to achieve a sustainable one guarantees the label. Finally, this label helps the Aruban government to initiate an intervention in weighing up the outsourcing construction-oriented (investment) projects that contribute to the Aruban welfare and the economic objective of its inhabitants. An organization that has urned the RCC label shows that it complies with the Aruban legislation and deals responsibly with their personnel.

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